OverBox — Responsive Touch Enabled Lightbox Plugin

View your content in a new way


  • Responsive and Touch Enabled
  • Different Content Types
  • Information Bar and Smart UI
  • Sleek Effects and Transitions
  • 3 easy steps to Install and Customize
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 Responsive and Touch Enabled

  • Works on any screen size.
  • Ready to be used on touch enabled devices.

 Information and Control Bar

  • Smart organization of Screen Elements.
  • "Highlighting" the content: the attention is set on presenting your content.
  • Easy to access: 1-click on content container presents the Info(Description/Caption).
  • Different UI visualization on each device type.

 Different Content Type

  • Images: the default type.
  • IFrame: Youtube, Vimeo, Google, Bing, Yahoo Maps, Instagram e.t.c.
  • HTML5 Video.
  • Flash.
  • Ajax.

 Effects and Transitions

  • 5 Open / Close effects.
  • 5 Navigation effects.

 General Features

  • Deeplinking.
  • Multiple Instances per page.
  • Keyboard controllable UI.
  • Infinite Navigation.

 Installation and Customization

  • 3 easy steps to Install.
  • 24 Options to customize it as you need.

 Documentation and Support

  • Detailed Documentation.
  • 12 Examples for an easy Quick Start.
  • FREE + Rapid Technical Support.
  • Regular Updates + Continuous Improvements.