Source Code Structure

Once you've downloaded the component, you'll get a zip file containing 3 folders:

General structure:

* Linea Iconset is released for free under the license CC BY 4.0 LICENSE

Getting Started

1. Add the files to your project. To use OverBox on a web page include the following files:

Drop the script tags of Modernizr in the <head> of your HTML. For a better performance, you should have them follow after your stylesheet references.

2. Once you've included the necessary files, you can add 1 or more OverBoxes to your page. The necessary HTML setup for the Overbox consists only of an anchor tag.

Grouping elements in an instance of an OverBox is done using the attribute data-ob-group="group_name".

3. After the HTML setup, you can call the plugin.

4Go See Demos


The OverBox plugin can be customized through options or/and data attributes data-ob-*. The plugin has a default configuration which is catered to the most basic and common use case. But if you want the plugin to behave different from its default configuration, you can override each of its default settings using the options.